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Welcome to the website presenting the most important information about Cornwall. Do you want to spend your holidays here? Or, being totally enchanted by this area, you think about moving here? We will present you the information about tourist attractions, and possible trips and adventures, which you could experience in one of the most romantic and mysterious regions in England.
Additionally, in order to suit your needs, we will select the best permanent and temporary accommodation, car hire service, removal company in Cornwall, or anything else you need.

About Cornwall

The county is located in the far west of Great Britain. Cornwall is beautifully situated on a peninsula, therefore the sea surrounds it from three sides. There is a lot to discover on the 300 miles of coastline.

The North Coast of Cornwall is especially known for its opportunities for extreme sports, such as kite surfing, scuba diving, rock climbing and zapcat racing.

Meanwhile, on the South Coast you will enjoy the multitude of rivers and fishing spots, which will give you an opportunity to enjoy sailing and kayaking.

The ancient history of Cornwall makes it even more attractive. The traces of Celtic Cornish culture, as well as the history of mining and smuggling makes Cornwall an intriguing place to visit